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Everything seems to fall, to the ground, soft and hard.
Strangled up in my feelings, I'm so confused, so confused.
I fall to the ground, on my knees.
These Tears I cry, fail my Heart.
Everytime I know to smile, its always fake, its always fake.

I can't choose now, its coming too close.
The winds have strengthend, and the stars are falling.
The whispers seem to fill the night,
the waters seem full of life.
Hearts are broken, children are playing.
This melody, is so un-willing.

Its far away, my laughter sings.
I see your face, and you've grown some wings.
Over and over again, lets play this Melody.
Starting from depression, over to serenity.
Over and over again, Scream your Love.
This way to live, is such a waste.
Stop the hate, Play the Laughter, Pause the Pain, I'm going Insane.
One of my poems I wrote. Its basically about going back to someone, even though they keep killing you.

:]. Hope you like it!
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October 15, 2009
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